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Good Health

Posted on 30, 2017 with 0 comments
This is something we plan to do from time to time,it seems to be important to most people these day's,and it is to me for sure.And that is the idea of being in good health, especially for people in music and art,it's important to keep the spirit flowing through a healthy body so you can best express your feelings and ideas through your craft.The first thing to think about is that the body is an instrument(although more complex)It's much like the musical intruments that we play,and that instrument needs to be in tune.One of the worse things you can do to yourself,outside of eating foods with little or no nutrients, is to overeat.Once you reach a certain age,the idea is to maintain a good healthy body and we really don't need to eat like we did when we we're in our teen and preteen years.So your caloric intake should change after you've Gotten Older.Even though it takes some work.(lol)I'll share more of my thoughts on health and wellbeing soon.Maybe you'll leave some of your good health tips [...]
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Posted on 30, 2017 with 0 comments
You know how when someone your thinking about calls or you see them right after, and you say,I was just thinking about you.We usally think of it as a coincidence.But there might be more to it.I've practiced it with people that i've been close to, just to see if I could send someone a mental message. You'd be surprised @ how well it works.The next time you think of someone your close to, call or text them and see if they say,I was just thinking about you.You might find that we're in constant communication with each other all the time.So the next time your talking about someone in a unpleasent way(Behind the Back)don't be surprised if they're mad when you see them.(lol)(Pickin up that vibe)

Have You Ever?

Posted on 30, 2017 with 0 comments
Have you ever thought about the way that we spell waste,as trash,and something that's no good anymore,garbage,and waist as in your waist line.It's funny that's where we carry around three to five pounds of waste,and in some cases more.If we thought of it that way,we'd want to take the garbage out as soon as possible?

This is something that I've thought about for awhile and thought I'd say something about it.Maybe someone else remembers when the differences in people were called cultural,but now we've gone to your race,my race,to define the difference.I don't know about you but those kind of changes bother me.Changes are great and will happen ready or not, but this one seems to me to help separate people more than anything else,and it seems like we just go along with any idea that's introduced to us (although subtle) without question.I wonder how easy it would be to except a alien life form that had no similarities too humans, when the amount of pigmentation we have or don't have, seems to be something that's hard enough to work with.I think it's great that we have different types of humans,It adds to the Beauty of being human, and being apart of a great creation.But human just the same.Simon says!

Since we all have to do something to pay the Bills (work)and to get some sort of satisfaction out of what we tell people we do for a living,finding that thing that your really passionate about we'll be the thing that makes whatever you do seem like it's not really work at all.That thing that you would love doing whether you were getting pay for it or not.(Don't tell anybody that)When you do get payed for what you love,it's that much better.Just having something that you've found to be passionate about has to be one of the best things that could happen to any of use.(Sometimes known as Blessed) Simon says

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