This is something that I've thought about for awhile and thought I'd say something about it.Maybe someone else remembers when the differences in people were called cultural,but now we've gone to your race,my race,to define the difference.I don't know about you but those kind of changes bother me.Changes are great and will happen ready or not, but this one seems to me to help separate people more than anything else,and it seems like we just go along with any idea that's introduced to us (although subtle) without question.I wonder how easy it would be to except a alien life form that had no similarities too humans, when the amount of pigmentation we have or don't have, seems to be something that's hard enough to work with.I think it's great that we have different types of humans,It adds to the Beauty of being human, and being apart of a great creation.But human just the same.Simon says!Carpet

Since we all have to do something to pay the Bills (work)and to get some sort of satisfaction out of what we tell people we do for a living,finding that thing that your really passionate about we'll be the thing that makes whatever you do seem like it's not really work at all.That thing that you would love doing whether you were getting pay for it or not.(Don't tell anybody that)When you do get payed for what you love,it's that much better.Just having something that you've found to be passionate about has to be one of the best things that could happen to any of use.(Sometimes known as Blessed) Simon saysThink Positive

Have you ever thought about the way that we spell waste,as trash,and something that's no good anymore,garbage,and waist as in your waist line.It's funny that's where we carry around three to five pounds of waste,and in some cases more.If we thought of it that way,we'd want to take the garbage out as soon as possible?Think Positive

Something that might be good to keep in mind,when it comes to what we eat and good health,is that we eat foods that are able to capture parts of the light spectrum that we can't do through our own Bodys,through the process of photosynthesis.I personally think that we can (do it) but maybe I'll say something about that at another time.But the idea is to think about the colours of foods. We've all heard of beta carotene,and Doctors telling you to eat foods with red and orange colours in order to get it.So that's a hint @ the importance of foods with colours.Just a hint though.That might be something to think about if your a Big meat eater.Since there's no orange,red or green,cows,chickens,and But I say this only to hear what you think about good health and what you do to keep you healthy.Colours food

Summertime,so nice.Wherever you are,make sure and get out in the sun.A lot of you will because you like to suntan.But I know how people with darker skin (Nubian) try and stay out of the sun for fear of getting too dark,and it is good not to over do it.But your body is made for the sun,that's way you get darker,so the next time you go out, your protected from the previous days level of exposure.So you can take it in slowly and get what you need from it without getting melanoma.(skin cancer) It's easy to forget with so many people around you trying to get darker for Beauty reasons.A tan does give skin a nice Golden Glow. Being out in the sun has so many health benefits,vitamin D and other.Just do it a little at a time to be safe about it.And think about this,one of the pigment cells main purposes, is to absorb light,information travels on,Cd,DVD,players remote control devices.If we can make devices that read information on light,the creator is light years ahead so you know he already did it.So don't forget to download the info while your out in the sun,son.Simon says.Meditate

31JK6_croppedGet some of the best relationship advice available.Just ask Yee on power 105.1 The Breakfast Club

This is something we plan to do from time to time,it seems to be important to most people these day's,and it is to me for sure.And that is,the idea of being in good health, especially for people in music and art,it's important to keep the spirit flowing through a healthy body so you can best express your feelings and ideas through your craft.The first thing to think about is that the body is an instrument(although more complex)It's much like the musical intruments that we play,and that instrument needs to be in tune.One of the worse things you can do to yourself,outside of eating foods with little or no nutrients, is to overeat.Once you reach a certain age,the idea is to maintain a good healthy body and we really don't need to eat like we did when we we're in our teens,and preteen years.So your caloric intake should change after you've Gotten Older.Even though it takes some work.(lol)I'll share more of my thoughts on health and wellbeing soon.Maybe you'll leave some of your good health tips here also,for all of us to learn


Make sure and check out The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 Fm 6:00 AM-10:00 AM weekday mornings.They have some of the best celebrity interviews, and guest interviews on a whole range of topics. A great place to stay up on everything R&B and Hip Hop.You can find interviews and full audio on youtube. Catch them on your device when you're on the go!


It's interesting being out and about, for whatever reason, waiting on the light rail,or sitting in a coffee shop/restaurant, and seeing us so deep into our devices. It seems to have happened so fast. Now a large percentage of us are walking around looking down at our tiny screens. I'm guilty! I love having mine with me. I see couples walking hand in hand,both with their free hand,holding and looking deep into each of their devices. Now that's a little much for me. Enjoy your partner.I can see sipping coffee Sunday morning while together on your device, reading through some news articles.I like flipboard. I even like to watch the Breakfast Club and some of the great interviews they do, while I drink my morning coffee out somewhere. So technology is great for sure.Hopefully we won't get too far away from connecting with each other face to face, because of facebook and instagram, and no one else falls into a hole walking, not looking where they're going.I suppose I'm also talking to myself....Just People watching!

You know how when someone you're thinking about calls, or you see them right after, and you say, I was just thinking about you. We usually think of it as a coincidence. But there might be more to it. I've practiced it with people that i've been close to, just to see if I could send someone a mental message. You'd be surprised @ how well it works. The next time you think of someone close to you, call or text them and see if they say, I was just thinking about you. You might find that we're in constant communication with each other all the time. So the next time you're talking about someone in a unpleasant way (Behind the Back)don't be surprised if they're mad when you see them.(lol)    (Pickin up that vibe)Yoga

black? I've been finding it interesting the conversations in comment sections about Rachel Dolezal.It's a good one because it brings out in the open what it means,and is,to be Black.No one knew? It took her parents coming out and saying that she's white?If that's the case than none of use seem to know what it is to be black,if a little make up and the right hair dew can help you pass.From my understanding black people have been able to pass for white if they were light enough for a long time,and you can bet they're still doing it.If it's true that it really has to do with internal melanin (carbon) and 85% of white people have a calcified pineal gland,that doesn't produce the chemical for production of melanin,than what about the 15% who do.Maybe they can feel that connection to their Blackness which all humans come from anyway.And you have people who can really feel the music,justin timberlake/ Robin thicke,and others who are willing to fight for a cause they can feel.They just don't say they're Black. I'm just sayin!

jidenna_2017_croppedI heard Dj Envy about to begin an interview with a young rapper the other morning,and he started out saying,something like,now I talk to you the other night and I was surprised! your intelligent!That's not the way you want your words to come out, but I understand and Have had the same thoughts not meaning to sound insulting.At one point,and I'm sure somewhere still, when a white person encounters a Black person and is shocked that there's some intelligence coming from them.In my case lately I'm not so much shocked as I am relieved and proud to listen to interviews with some entertainers and hear how they think and what they believe.Jay Z,50 cent,and many others but most recently Jidenna.He is intelligent in a way that would be nice to see in most people.Not only singing about a classic Man, but being one! As I get older it's hard for me to be someone that's saying this generation is no good,and won't amount to much.I believe in human intelligence,and I see a lot of it out here. There's a lot of craziness too but growing pains hurt.

Beef_resizedI'm a little surprised,but not real surprised, at how much press one thing gets as opposed to another.This Beef between Remy Ma,and Nicki Minaj seemed to be big news a few days ago and is still on people's lips days later.In a situation like this it seems that if you're the so called winner,even if just temporarily,that's a great thing for you press wise.It can,and will help your career.This one sounds like it's the real thing,but with so much buzz about it going around I can see where it might be a good thing (as long as it stays civil) No hands on.A bit like what use to be called a publicity stunt.Since it's attention that entertainers seek.Let's see how raw this will get,rare,or well done Nicki? (Staying in the news got Trump in the white house)

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