jidenna_2017_croppedI heard Dj Envy about to begin an interview with a young rapper the other morning,and he started out saying,something like,now I talk to you the other night and I was surprised! your intelligent!That's not the way you want your words to come out, but I understand and Have had the same thoughts not meaning to sound insulting.At one point,and I'm sure somewhere still, when a white person encounters a Black person and is shocked that there's some intelligence coming from them.In my case lately I'm not so much shocked as I am relieved and proud to listen to interviews with some entertainers and hear how they think and what they believe.Jay Z,50 cent,and many others but most recently Jidenna.He is intelligent in a way that would be nice to see in most people.Not only singing about a classic Man, but being one! As I get older it's hard for me to be someone that's saying this generation is no good,and won't amount to much.I believe in human intelligence,and I see a lot of it out here. There's a lot of craziness too but growing pains hurt.

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