black? I've been finding it interesting the conversations in comment sections about Rachel Dolezal.It's a good one because it brings out in the open what it means,and is,to be Black.No one knew? It took her parents coming out and saying that she's white?If that's the case than none of use seem to know what it is to be black,if a little make up and the right hair dew can help you pass.From my understanding black people have been able to pass for white if they were light enough for a long time,and you can bet they're still doing it.If it's true that it really has to do with internal melanin (carbon) and 85% of white people have a calcified pineal gland,that doesn't produce the chemical for production of melanin,than what about the 15% who do.Maybe they can feel that connection to their Blackness which all humans come from anyway.And you have people who can really feel the music,justin timberlake/ Robin thicke,and others who are willing to fight for a cause they can feel.They just don't say they're Black. I'm just sayin!

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