Race(republished from July 2013)

This is something that I've thought about for awhile and thought I'd say something about it.Maybe someone else remembers when the differences in people were called cultural,but now we've gone to your race,my race,to define the difference.I don't know about

Finding Your Passion (republished from July 2012 )

Since we all have to do something to pay the Bills (work)and to get some sort of satisfaction out of what we tell people we do for a living,finding that thing that you're really passionate about will be the thing…

Have You Ever?

Have you ever thought about the way that we spell waste,as trash,and something that's no good anymore,garbage,and waist as in your waist line.It's funny that's where we carry around three to five pounds of waste,and in some cases more.If we

Keep In Mind

Something that might be good to keep in mind,when it comes to what we eat and good health,is that we eat foods that are able to capture parts of the light spectrum that we can't do through our own Bodys,through…


Summertime,so nice.Wherever you are,make sure and get out in the sun.A lot of you will because you like to suntan.But I know how people with darker skin (Nubian) try and stay out of the sun for fear of getting too

Good Health

This is something we plan to do from time to time,it seems to be important to most people these day's,and it is to me for sure.And that is,the idea of being in good health, especially for people in music and

The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Make sure and check out The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 Fm 6:00 AM-10:00 AM weekday mornings.They have some of the best celebrity interviews, and guest interviews on a whole range of topics. A great place to stay up on everything

Our Devices

It's interesting being out and about, for whatever reason, waiting on the light rail,or sitting in a coffee shop/restaurant, and seeing us so deep into our devices. It seems to have happened so fast. Now a large percentage of us


You know how when someone you're thinking about calls, or you see them right after, and you say, I was just thinking about you. We usually think of it as a coincidence. But there might be more to it. I've

Rachel Dolezal

I've been finding it interesting the conversations in comment sections about Rachel Dolezal.It's a good one because it brings out in the open what it means,and is,to be Black.No one knew? It took her parents coming out and saying that…

Intelligent People

I heard Dj Envy about to begin an interview with a young rapper the other morning,and he started out saying,something like,now I talk to you the other night and I was surprised! your intelligent!That's not the way you want your…