Summertime,so nice.Wherever you are,make sure and get out in the sun.A lot of you will because you like to suntan.But I know how people with darker skin (Nubian) try and stay out of the sun for fear of getting too dark,and it is good not to over do it,but your body is made for the sun,that's way you get darker,so the next time you go out, you're protected from the previous days level of exposure.So you can take it in slowly and get what you need from it without getting melanoma.(skin cancer) It's easy to forget with so many people around you trying to get darker for Beauty reasons.A tan does give skin a nice Golden Glow. Being out in the sun has so many health benefits,vitamin D and other.Just do it a little at a time to be safe about it.And think about this,one of the pigment cells main purposes, is to absorb light,information travels on,Cd,DVD,players remote control devices.If we can make devices that read information on light,the creator is light years ahead so you know he already did it.So don't forget to download the info while your out in the sun,son.Simon says.Meditate

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