Keep In Mind

Something that might be good to keep in mind,when it comes to what we eat and good health,is that we eat foods that are able to capture parts of the light spectrum that we can't do through our own Bodys,through the process of photosynthesis.I personally think that we can (do it) but maybe I'll say something about that at another time.But the idea is to think about the colours of foods. We've all heard of beta carotene,and Doctors telling you to eat foods with red and orange colours in order to get it.So that's a hint @ the importance of foods with colours.Just a hint though.That might be something to think about if your a Big meat eater.Since there's no orange,red or green,cows,chickens,and But I say this only to hear what you think about good health and what you do to keep you healthy.Colours food

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