Good Health

This is something we plan to do from time to time,it seems to be important to most people these day's,and it is to me for sure.And that is,the idea of being in good health, especially for people in music and art,it's important to keep the spirit flowing through a healthy body so you can best express your feelings and ideas through your craft.The first thing to think about is that the body is an instrument(although more complex)It's much like the musical intruments that we play,and that instrument needs to be in tune.One of the worse things you can do to yourself,outside of eating foods with little or no nutrients, is to overeat.Once you reach a certain age,the idea is to maintain a good healthy body and we really don't need to eat like we did when we we're in our teens,and preteen years.So your caloric intake should change after you've Gotten Older.Even though it takes some work.(lol)I'll share more of my thoughts on health and wellbeing soon.Maybe you'll leave some of your good health tips here also,for all of us to learn

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