Our Devices


It's interesting being out and about, for whatever reason, waiting on the light rail,or sitting in a coffee shop/restaurant, and seeing us so deep into our devices. It seems to have happened so fast. Now a large percentage of us are walking around looking down at our tiny screens. I'm guilty! I love having mine with me. I see couples walking hand in hand,both with their free hand,holding and looking deep into each of their devices. Now that's a little much for me. Enjoy your partner.I can see sipping coffee Sunday morning while together on your device, reading through some news articles.I like flipboard. I even like to watch the Breakfast Club and some of the great interviews they do, while I drink my morning coffee out somewhere. So technology is great for sure.Hopefully we won't get too far away from connecting with each other face to face, because of facebook and instagram, and no one else falls into a hole walking, not looking where they're going.I suppose I'm also talking to myself....Just People watching!


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